Some of the Nice Things People Have to Say About TunaTone

Watching the progress of the TunaTone Leila built was really exciting - I loved learning the careful details about the build that Leila was super communicative and open about. So cool to be able to watch the process from start to finish and be invited to be a part of the decisions made. It has an attractive design and a really unique, well-bodied sound that I can't wait to take to the stage!
Leila Sidi’s TunaTone is one of the most finely made instruments I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. An unbelievably comfortable neck paired with a lightweight and stylish body, I felt like I could play for hours with no strain or fatigue. The electronics were responsive and brilliant without becoming shrill, the hardware felt solid and held up to a heavy attack. Support TunaTone for durable, beautiful design.
I first became familiar with a TunaTone Guitar at the Vancouver International Guitar Festival. Between all the guitars I played with this one caught my attention the most. I was surprised how comfortable it played given that it has a short scale but at the same time carried a sweet and dark bass tone that was music to my ears.
Leila made my Baritone a couple of years ago and I’ve played it most days since. I absolutely love her sense of aesthetic, the execution is impeccable, and the guitar sounds great. I look forward to commissioning another TunaTone one day!
My TunaTone bass is a beautiful workhorse. It was made to emulate the comfortable size and worn in neck feel of my 1969 Fender Musicmaster while improving on the low output and slightly thin tone resulting from the 6-pole Mustang guitar pickup used by Fender. Leila perfectly recreated my desired neck shape and installed a gorgeously smooth yet growly and powerful 4-pole pickup by Aero. This guitar is even lighter than my alder Musicmaster with a gorgeous counter-weighted cedar body. After 3 years of touring my TunaTone has never disappointed me on stage. It is a guaranteed conversation starter with audience, fellow musicians, and sound techs alike. I’m so honoured that I get to play this instrument for many years to come. Thank you, Leila!
Jenni Roberts
Leila takes the light around her, and puts it directly into her instruments. When you hold one, you feel that warmth. Playing a TunaTone is what I imagine it must feel like when a contented cat lies in a sunbeam.
Matthew James Weigel
TunaTone short scale guitar feels very alive. The neck is so comfortable and doesn't have the dead feel that some short scales have. It's instantly comfortable and makes me feel like I could do my best playing. It felt like I'd already gotten used to it as soon as I picked it up.