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Inspired by the vintage futurism of mid-century electric guitars, Canadian Luthier Leila Sidi pays tribute to them while accommodating contemporary manufacturing techniques and materials.

Conventional and original components generate fresh instruments with iconic tonal character and creative spark. Sidi applies an updated futuristic vision of her craft, conceiving of electric guitars ergonomically suited to musicians of any body type.

She currently builds out of the Clubhouse in Edmonton, Alberta with her mentor, Dion Guitars and shop mate Turley Guitars.

She has appeared on The Fretboard Journal’s website, has been a guest on the podcasts In the Making, Let ‘Em Hear, Get Offset, and The Interval, as well as a feature on Radio Active.


Leila in She Shreds Magazine

Building a pink guitar was risky, but Leila Sidi of TunaTone Guitars was for it. The luthier and business owner isn’t afraid to push boundaries and shares her stories on how she builds guitars.

Leila & Dion on The Interval

Tom and Daisy from The Interval talked to Dion James and Leila Sidi about their philosophy as builders, their backstories, and how they find sharing a space as makers.

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