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Leila is inspired by the futuristic and resourceful designs of mid-century American and Japanese catalogue guitars. As such, TunaTone guitars are boldly simple, embodying a commitment to the fundamental importance of every element that comprises the whole, finished instrument. Built with accessibility in mind, TunaTone guitars are small, lightweight and geometrically designed to be played comfortably for people of a small stature for long periods of time. Leila knows that guitars are meant to enable a player to do their best playing, no provide a barrier to overcome. In addition to their playability, TunaTone instruments have a lively and responsive sound, producing a warm and well rounded tone.

For Leila, process is just as important as the final product. She demonstrates a commitment to quality by attending to every detail with slow and thoughtful care. Building by hand over the course of months, relationships are formed between Leila and her material and Leila and the musician, producing an irreplaceable instrument suited to the needs of the player. Early on, Leila made a commitment to sourcing materials locally, and prioritizing woods that have the highest degree of transparency attached to their harvest. Through relationship building with her material sources, Leila is committed to nurturing a community of independent artists, technicians and suppliers. This can be most prominently felt in her small shop nicknamed “The Clubhouse” in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, with her mentor Dion James of Dion Guitars and Adam Turley of Turley Guitars. For Leila collaboration and connection are central tenets of her guitar building practice. From friends who collaborate directly on instruments to friends that support her work emotionally and intellectually, each instrument is born out of a sense of community and collaboration.  Inspired by the vintage futurism of mid-century electric guitars, Canadian Luthier Leila Sidi pays tribute to them while accommodating contemporary manufacturing techniques and materials.


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